Bellbunya is a rural 40 acre property in Belli Park on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, lying between the West Cooroy State Forest and the massive Mapleton Forest Reserve on its South-East.

Previously a dairy farm

The property has been regenerated during the last 25 years to create wildlife corridors and sanctuaries for animals moving between these major habitats.

Nature & native wildlife

Bellbunya has an underground river, springs, a 5 megalitre lagoon and the headwaters of a significant Belli Creek tributary. The property encompasses a wide variety of native fauna and flora, including platypus, wallabies, sugar gliders, echidnas, possums, bandicoots, native fish species and an impressive array of frogs and birds.

We have been regenerating creek habitat with the help of teams of International Student Volunteers, the Mary River Catchment Care group and the local Shire Council, by clearing weeds and planting native species to encourage biodiversity along Belli Creek and the riparian zones.

Creating habitats

The creeks and lagoon are home to turtles, cormorants, ducks and the elusive platypus.

Through clearing invasive weeds and preserving emerging native trees, in combination with inter-planting with native species, we are able to help create habitat that supports the native animals at Bellbunya.

With the assistance of the local government, we have placed several nest boxes on the property to support our populations of micro-bats, small parrots and sugar gliders.

Bellbunya plays host to four rare and threatened frog species:

Cascade Tree Frog
Litoria Pearsoniana, which is listed as vulnerable.

Tusked Frog
Adelotus Brevis

Giant Barred Frog
Taudactylus Diurnus, grows up to 12 cm, on the endangered species list.

Creek regeneration projects

We are actively engaged in creek regeneration projects, and together with the introduction of artificial frog ponds and low toxicity environment, are helping to support these and other native species. Our mature native Fig Trees attract many animals and birds, including a reported sighting of the critically endangered Coxen’s Fig Parrot, now believed to have a total population of only 200 in the wild.

Richmond Birdwing Butterfly

The Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera Richmondia), one of Australia’s biggest and most spectacular butterflies. With a wingspan of up to 15 centremetres (6 inches). This species is now listed as vulnerable and is only found in our locality and on the Gold Coast.

With the support of Mary River Catchment co-ordinating Committee, we have been planting the Richmond Birdwing Vine at Bellbunya to support and extend their existing habitat.

15,000 native trees

Over the last 25 years, over 15,000 native trees have been planted at Bellbunya to create a Koala corridor through the property.

Koala habitats

Over the last 100 years, koala population in our region have declined to the extent that they have now been recognised as under threat in South East Queensland.

By planting and maintaining primary Koala habitat at Bellbunya, we are assisting these amazing creatures to establish routes between the major forests that surround us.

Regeneration projects

We encourage people to participate in our regeneration projects, and offer free training in organic weed control and creek rehabilitation in consultation with local Council wildlife officers. Please contact us for details.