Health Services

Aromatherapy$140 90 minutes – Utilising the olfactory senses to support a holistic balancing of the body, mind and spirit.

Ayurvedic Health Consultation: $160 for 90 minutes: The term Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words ayur (life) and veda (science or knowing). Thus, Ayurveda translates to the art and science of life. The traditional Indian system of natural Holistic health care, which works to nurture integrated balance and empowerment in body, mind, emotions, spirit and service, utilising personal routine, life goals, diet, herbal treatment, body work, yoga and yogic breathing.

Ayurvedic Massage: $110 1 hour With luxurious organic oils and techniques tailored for the individual, to calm the nervous system, relax the body and mind, open the heart to presence, gratitude and love.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, $90 for 60 minutes – A touch based therapy that has a profoundly beneficial impact on musculoskeletal issues, trauma, anxiety and stress with far reaching impact.

Breathing Practice, Meditation and Mindfulness $100 for 60 minutes- Meditation and Breathing Practices exploring the felt sense of aliveness with a focus to develop an awareness of health without an opposite. Cultivating the state of non-doing. The state when an effortless equipoise may arise through a non goal oriented state of being. Exploring the true essence that we already are without going anywhere or doing anything.

Counselling: $180 for 90 minutes 

relationships (personal & work), anxiety, depression, master planning of life, life purpose, personal effectiveness, accessing flow states etc: Holistic counselling works to bring consciousness to the often hidden dynamics of relationships and life, helping to provide deep and empowering insight, understanding and personal transformation.

Craniosacral Yoga Therapy, 1 hour 1:1 session – $100 – Yoga informed by cranio-sacral therapy to support the development of resilience, dissolution of stress and anxiety. Creating a felt sense of stillness and strength.

Kahuna Massage, $150 per 1.5hrs – A Hawaiian style of bodywork serving as a rite of passage uses the breath, body and spirit in symphony supporting health to come into alignment.

Nature Therapy – $200 – 2 Hours – Deep dive into the profound and life changing benefits that nature therapy affords. Learn the ancient indigenous art of deep listening, where nature can provide you with the same information provided by the body similar to Kinesiology. Find lasting benefits that are scientifically known to rebalance the nervous system and many pathological states of imbalance.

Reiki –$90 per hour – A gentle non-invasive touch based therapy that supports a deep relaxation and rebalancing of the nervous system. An energy based therapy with profound beneficial impact.

Remedial Massage – $108 per hour – Therapeutic remedial application of body based massage therapy supporting the relief of muscular aches and pains that are a common cause of spinal misalignment and pain.

Sound Healing – $100 per hour- Utilising the deep and profound benefits of sound healing frequencies that change the atomic structure of cells, membranes and tissues in the body. This has a profound benefit on the immune system, helping the Cerebral Spinal Fluid to become more readily available to the entire bodily system, promoting overall health.

Yoga – Group sessions $100 (for 7-15 students) $200 (15-30 students) or Private 1 hour One on One sessions – $100