How to become ASC Member?


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Our Association (established 2007) is focused on researching, implementing and promoting solutions that address sustainability holistically, bringing people together to find solutions. The Association for Sustainable Communities Inc was established in 2007 as a not-for-profit, environmental organisation building relocalised communities that are socially, culturally, financially and ecologically sustainable.

We welcome new members to our Association who are passionate about sustainability, regeneration, conscious community and the future of our planet! Let us join hands and move forwards in synergy with each other and the cycles & seasons of nature.

Join the Movement for Sustainability, Regeneration, Connection & Conscious Living

We would love to share with you how the Association for Sustainable Communities has been progressing since 2019, when Bellbunya almost fell into the hands of a real estate agent. Through the support of key individuals, help from volunteers, and the solid framework provided by ASC, we were able to breathe new life into Bellbunya and continue its vision and mission.

As part of this new chapter, the Bellbunya website has had a facelift and we are also very excited to launch a new ASC membership system with a range of entry levels and benefits for members. We are aware that some of our members have been involved since the inception of ASC in 2007. As a token of our appreciation, we are extending the gift of legacy membership to our foundational members. We also extend a warm welcome to those of you who have visited Bellbunya over the years and invite you to subscribe to annual ASC membership, which offers a range of discounts for various services and facilities. Bellbunya is thriving again!

We will be sharing with you our many success stories and projects in an upcoming series of member newsletters. We invite you to get involved in whatever way you can. A very BIG thank you to those who have offered their helping hands over the years. The ASC would not exist without all of our support.

We hope to welcome you at Bellbunya in the very near future!

Deb Pepperdine (on behalf of ASC Board)