Scrounge List

Don’t throw it out!

If you have any of the following items or other stuff you want to throw out but it’s still alright or can be fixed.. Consider donating them to Bellbunya. Please do check with us prior, though, as we have limited storage space and capacity to repair random items.

Building related

  • Building materials (e.g. pavers, decking, timber, tools, cement mix, fasteners, windows, doors, plywood, roofing sheets)
  • Plumbing – fittings and fixtures (including pumps, pipes, gutters, connectors, taps, hoses)
  • Flyscreens and components
  • Moisture Meter
  • Aluminium step ladder, trestles, plank
  • Shelving suitable for shed

Garden related

  • Fencing materials (eg star pickets, gates, chicken wire, fencing wire, tools, electric fencing)
  • Garden materials and equipment (e.g. soil tester, biodynamic preparations, sleepers, rocks and garden edging, mulch, manure, shade cloth)
  • Edible plants and cuttings
  • Garden sheds
  • Canoe/ water craft

Electrical, furniture, office, cleaning

  • Computer – desktop or notebook, network switch/hub and cabling
  • Furniture – bookshelves, wood outdoor furniture
  • Whiteboards
  • Cupboards or wardrobes


  • Aprons (bib style, cotton), table cloths (coloured patterns), tea towels, oven mitts
  • Electric hot water urn
  • Salt and pepper grinders

Any Questions?

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