Ayurveda Relax & Detox.

Advanced booking is essential

A unique experience to relax, detox and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Long relaxing massages.

Clear out not just physical toxins and blocks, but also emotional psychological blocks, challenges and toxins.  

Healthy organic meals.

Fruits and vegetables grown in the permaculture gardens, and picked right before you eat it.

Powerful Healing.

This program combines five separate regimes to bring about a very powerful and one of the most complete and effective holisitic detox programs known.

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New awareness and personal growth

With 45 years plus of experience, we’ll guarantee satisfaction,┬ánew awareness, and personal growth.

Health and fitness is a central and crucial element for personal health and life satisfaction.

What to expect:

  • dissolve stress
  • eat, relax, massage, heal
  • develop emotional wellbeing
  • experience new insights, perspectives and purpose
  • gain understanding and empower yourself
  • learn to transform any situation into a more meaningful and satisfying experience

About Deb and Ian

Deb Pepperdine and Ian Trew have university degrees in psychology, speech pathology, health sciences, permaculture design and education and religious studies and have gone on to post graduate studies in holistic counselling, coaching and Ayurveda. 45 years plus of professional development and experience. The outstanding success of this program allows us to offer a results-based, money back guarantee.

We also offer individual sessions by phone, Skype or in person.

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